canada looks really broken


u ok canada

We are slowly trying to distance ourselves from the US…piece by piece.

be free


Haha that’s how we Canadians do it :D

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Todays been good! Got my nails done and they look all pretty :DDDDD <3 <3 <3

I’m not gonna feel better n all happy when my best friend tells me to go fuck my self n to find a new best friend etc. Never in my life!!! After everything Ive done for her, could have fucking left her on the streets when she was spiked n passed out on the streets, but was an extremely good friend about it n supported her, looked after her etc. n this is the thanks i get for it? I feeel so shitty for alot of reasons and for people to just be like k whatever arent gonna get a good reaction from me.. I dont know who are my REAL friends these days, seems not alot of people give a shit about me, I wish I had the guts sometimes…Doesnt feel like anyone cares im here anymore anyways :/ Cant trust anyone. The only decent friend i have is in Canada… :/ I desperately need to get the fuck out of here n away from people i class as my friends. Cause I honestly dont know anymore, who talks shit about me n who doesnt. I want things to go good for once and maybe i wont deel like shit all the time. I jixed the fact i have this n that in life. I ended up dropping my fucikin phoen in hot chocolate (Which at this point, of being so upset from said things above and others) It all seems to just pile up and up and up and up! Pushing my mood n limits so much! All I wanted to do was punch a wall n scream from being so stressed out n un lucky in life! :( I have reached a breaking point. I feel like everyone hates me. N its making me feel even worse about my life. which isnt good at all.

Had the worst things said to me tonight! AND I dropped my phoen in my hot chocolate! Im gonna fucking head but a wall in hopes it kills me or something!


nowyoukno - Ruining your childhood one fact at a time!

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Pree fucked up If you ask me!

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This is exactly why I laugh at a guy n say mmmm okay then, very sarcastically, when they ask if they can take me on a date n say all this shit!! BECAUSE I KNOW, It’s never gonna happen?! WHY bother saying all that stuff n saying you wanna take me on a date when you’re just gonna ignore me all the time. I’m actually fed up of being the only one to make an effort when It was you who said about it in the first place. What annoys me is when everyone says oh you deserve good things to happen to you n for you ect.. Apparently, for some reason, I don’t? :/

WHY ARE MEN ALL THE SAME AND FUCKING DICKS?! I never feel good enough for anyone :/ 

I’m gonna get forever alone tattooed on me, It’s extremely accurate!!!

Perfectly said&#8230;

Perfectly said…

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I wish I knew what was going on! I don’t wanna text cause I don’t wanna bug you:/ idkkkkk grrrrrr